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Thursday, September 8, 2011

Just a Phone Away.

So the other morning my wife and I heard a sound that for people our age is easily recognized.  

Maybe you too remember this....

          The best part of this is it did not come from YouTube, a computer or even a dusty old 8-bit console; it came from my smart phone.  We turned to see Yankee Candle Kid playing classic Sonic on the couch with the same intensity as COD and we just looked at each other and smiled. 

 That's when JWag 0822 made the comment, "Remember when we had to have a whole gaming system to play that game, and Will can play it on a freaking phone."  

           This made me realize how lucky Will is growing up in this gaming age. Now I admit that I don't remember how much Sega or even Sonic cost, as my parents bought both for me. For William, however,  it was only $4.99 for him to enjoy the same game I played as a kid, and he can play it anywhere.

          Gaming has changed quickly in last decades and portable gaming has changed even more. Remember The Game Boy? Our kids would laugh at not only the size but the lack of color and actually having to change a cartridge to play a new game. He has portable gaming not limited to one system or even one era. He has, via a touch screen,  games from Pac-Man to Need for Speed on my phone thanks to easy, cheap, and sometimes free, downloads of games.  I admit I'm a little jealous. I had to beg for a new game, and he gets to "grab" a new game from the online marketplace, free of charge, and is off on a new adventure. He can be sharping his gaming in the car, at the store, or even when mom is getting her nails done.  Half of his gaming achievements have been done via a Windows Phone 7 and not the Xbox.   It could be just a matter of time before the console for gaming is as laughable as a GameBoy.  

           Some might say that our kids are spoiled, but I remember hearing the same thing with our portable gaming. The only difference is I could only play Dr Mario or Tetris and he can play from a collection so large we still haven't made it to the bottom of the complete list.  So I say,"William enjoy!" because gaming today is truly Awesome!


I almost forgot the best part.

The instant quiet a parent enjoys because of this marvel of gaming.


Kristen :-) said...

I miss Sonic... and my brother had Turbo Grafx and I played the HELL out of Alien Crush. *sigh*

LV7 said...

What's interesting to me is that Will's generation will all have memories of these smart phones, and his kids will look back and laugh... "You actually had to hold something? Why didn't you just take a Sonic the Hedgehog pill and experience the whole game as a dream at night? It's way easier on your thumbs."