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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Never Ending Story.

As I waited for my Portal 2 DLC to download this is what was scrolling through my head, other than "crap I think Scott has my Portal 2 Disc."

  Back in the day when I played a game it never ended.  The game just kept going and going getting faster and harder with every new level.  Mind you I use the word new with a bit of a giggle as each level was the same as the previous level.  The big ending to most games was either the flashing game over or you played so long you rolled the points counter back to zero and the game for you was done.

   William is in an age with online mutli-player, co-op mode and DLC.  Most games come with it and some even come free of charge, thank you Valve.  For William game play will always be virtually endless.  He will get new experiences with every new on-line match; and new stories and maps with the DLC that's constantly updating.    In some cases, like Gears of War, the DLC comes out so quick you haven't finished everything from the original game.  Most games out today have DLC that comes out almost days before you say to yourself, "I think I want to play something else." I admit I have spent my fair share on DLC and have no plans to stop, I love it.  To me it's only $12 for what makes for a whole new gaming experience.   

The good part of this is a $60 dollar game can be played for a while without getting old or stale. The not so good part, some of the DLC content costs money and can quickly result in a game costing over a hundred dollars, looking at you COD,  just to keep the game new. So like most things there has to be a balance.  

                                                                Free DLC thanks Valve!

So I guess the the big take away is that old school endless games came at a flat rate but nothing new.  New school is infinitely new but at almost an infinite cost.

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