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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Some Times Cheaper is Better

Fly, Crash, Win
Track Architect
Gas and Go!
Avatar Drop
Go for the Rings
   Today I got a visit from a gaming friend today. HeliXileH and I are going to E3 together and thought today would be a good day to work out some of the travel details.  With an I-Pad and a Netbook we made short work of finding the best price for our flight; so naturally we ended up firing up the Xbox and started playing.  Now not our normal MW3 but something altogether different.
   First we started playing RC-AirSim, a almost laughable version of a game with no real way to win.  Best compared to a senior year project yet we still played for quite some time. Then came this game that Yankee Candle Kid downloaded, Track architect.  Neither one of could figure out the controls and yet we laughed our ass out trying to figure out how to win this Indie game.  Finally we rocked a little bit of Avatar Drop.  Not only was this a riot to play, it was cool enough for us to take the time to download HeliXileH's profile to my XBox so he could play against me.  Laughing as we were competing for the Avatar Drop Championship of the world, a title HeliXileH ultimately took.
   We did finally end up playing MW3 but that was after over an hour of playing Indie games.  Sure they aren't the best pieces of work but they are fun to the core.  Costing only a small fraction of what MW3, they still provided a great way to kill some time with a good friend.

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