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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Windows 8 Rocks: Suck it Apple!

By Geo Trax

I have tiles bigger 
then the netbook.
   Well for as much as my wife says she doesn't "care" about this blog she has once again helped advanced it to the next level.  My wife lead a team of family members to get me a new laptop for Christmas, my birthday, and Festivus.   The best part of this gift is I know longer have to hear my wife sing, "Fat blogger on a little computer!" Many people didn't know that my site has been constructed with a netbook a great feat considering the netbook has a 10" screen, a keyboard the size of a playing card and could easily become lost under a bag of Cheetos.  So GaaD was a big winner this year and I couldn't be more excited.

 Up and Running in an Hour.

    Many people have given great reviews of Windows 8, with only some people complaining about the user interface.  For the most part the operating system works just like the Xbox 360 and Windows Phones using tiles for everything; a big change from previous Windows versions.  It takes about an hour to figure out the ins and outs of the new system - aided by video tutorial loaded onto the computer. Once you got the hang of the change the computer works pretty easily. Apps drive everything with Windows now making it feel Androidish but very cool how easy it is to customize the machine. Making the computer unique to you is a breeze - something Windows never really allowed before - a much welcome change.  The first impression is "Wow! This is Microsoft?"  Start up and running I would give a 9 out of 10, would've been 10 but the damn tutorial app was hidden.

What about my stuff on other Devices?

     Windows 8 wins big here.  No joke simply going through the start up and my Hotmail, Xbox Live, and Outlook from the web were loaded into the machine.  Ten minutes into the set up and all my appointments, contacts, and games loaded and ready to go, sweet!  After another 50 minutes to figure out the workings of the new system I figured out how to sync this computer with everything else.  I have everything on a network in the house making it super easy with the help of sync features available with Zune (Now Xbox Music) and Microsoft Skydrive

  With a few clicks I was able to pull all my music, files, pictures and such from YCK's Netbook, my wife's computer, my phone, my work computer and Xbox. In took just over 15 minutes to move my important thing spread out on a few different devices onto one fabulous computer. Honestly it had a very SkyNetty feel to the whole process and waiting for the moment my computer eats my toaster like Cartman's Trapper Keeper but seams like a fair trade off to avoid the cabled mess of earlier computers I've owned.   File transfer and information consolidation was totally a 10 out of 10, easier than any other Windows computer ever!  

Not Just another Pretty Face.

Click on a Tile 
for more Awesome!
     Remember how long a Windows computer would take to turn on? No more, the start up screen takes less then 40 seconds to come on, even quicker when you mod which apps start and run when turning on the computer.  With the quick start you get to see the awesome new start menu which looks and feels like my Xbox.  I like the new look of Windows 8 and enjoy tile surfing because switching apps on a Windows computer has never been easier. The snap feature allows for two windows open side by side making cut and paste and dual surfing easy,  With a simple over swipe, moving finger from outside the touch pad to into it, you can quickly switch around every open window you have making switching from email, the web, a blog your writing and a great game of Pac Man quick and seamless.  The Window's Store works just like the one on XBL and Windows Phone so finding new things you must have is easy. Thousands of free and $0.99 apps and games can get lost "shopping" for hours.  This version of Windows is so easy to use that Yankee Candle Kid and it figured out in three seconds but that was because the television was on so he wasn't completely focused.  User interface and productivity totally 9.5 out of 10, would have been a 10 but this time lost the tutorial app.

In the End

 It's been a long time since I have been this happy with a Windows product and believe Microsoft really hit the mark with this one.  The changes to how Windows works and looks has, in my opinion, answered Apple and Google with products that feel modern and up to date and for the first time, pretty not just useful.   Xbox 360 got me back onto the Microsoft band wagon, my Windows Phone made me think they were cool again, and my Windows 8 laptop make me proud to support Microsoft again. 
By Geo Trax


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the laugh. Pathetic fanboy.

Geo Trax said...

Yet you comment anonymously? Since when does liking something make you pathetic?

Anonymous said...

I use OSX, Linux, and Windows. Windows is great for touch devices, and if you disable Metro and Charms and add a Start button for a desktop, it is like Windows 7 on steroids.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, you a tipical iSHEEP brianwashed Linux crap users, that does NOT know anything about win8/8.1. FYI, I have windows 8/8.1 on all my pc's including my 7 years old hp laptop none of them has touchscreen. Also, I have been using mouse and keyboard from day1, without any issues or problems. I can do everything touch can do with mouse and keyboard at ease. Only a loser like you would make a comment like that. Also, there are many hidden features, that your low iq brain does not know is there. Like windows power menu. With that awesome feature, I can be on the DESKTOP SCREEN for days weeks,.........if I wanted to without using the tile start screen (metro), which I love. So before you make amoranic comments again, go and LEARN what ALLyou can do on it and see ALL its features /options, that you can not find on any other OS out there. Windows 8/8.1 ROCKS. Also, my new DELL XPS TOUCH WITH QHD 3400X1800 SCREEN RES, kilss all osx MacCrap away, till they COPY IT, and tell all the iSHEEP they invented 4K. Nooooot. Many 4K WINDOWS devices are allready out, but I'm sure apple will figure out a way to LIE, MISLEAD, PRETEND, and FOOL ppl like you. Both OSX AND iOS suck ass, the worst OS in the world. Only bunch of brainwashed iSHEEP think is good. NOTHING comes close to AWESOME WINDOWS, NOTHING, NOT EVEN CLOSE.