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Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome to PC Gaming

By Geo Trax
  This Christmas was a surprise for me as I did not expect to get a laptop and an awesome one too boot.   With most new things electronic you pretend that this will be tool for keeping you organized, working on important projects, or taking this new device and changing the world but in reality its another gaming device.  I'm no stranger to PC gaming as it was one of the best forms of gaming in the early 90's.  Ironically enough my new laptop has had more hours logged on it by Yankee Candle Kid, and the world of PC gaming has been opened up to him and there is no turning back.

This was awesome in my day.
   Much like his dad, YCK has taken a liking Roller Coaster Tycoon and opened his first door into the world of PC gaming.  He is playing RCT3 Platinum, a far better version then what I had back in the day, offering up a water park and zoo options to the amusement part experience.  My sister in law got me the game a while back and it has honestly sat for most of the time because the one PC I could play it on belongs to the wife and good luck interrupting very important shoe shopping to play a silly roller coaster game. 
His version has a zoo
and water park too!
   That has all changed with the new laptop and all I have to say to the wife is, "Game on for the boys!"  It was loaded the day after Christmas and YCK has logged countless hours playing and building countless rides all of which go underground for some reason.  He is proud of his park awards, the one most recently received was "Most dangerous pool."  He truly can't get enough of this game.  
 YCK  learns from each park he creates and as he told me, "I'm making a new park because I figured out how to do it better dad."  
As a parent we enjoy how this game drives his problem solving and creativity with mom even commenting, "at least the game makes him think."  

We both play the same way too!
   That's when I got to thinking about this whole new world of gaming YCK is going to get to experience.  We have Thrillville for the Wii but as YCK said, "The computer version is way cooler dad!"  He has already asked if the SimCity Wii has a computer version for him to play.   It might be my nerdy side coming out but the hardly make strategy games like this consoles and those they do just aren't that good on consoles.   Maybe the fear is they won't be able to compete with the first person shooters and seen as unprofitable.   Maybe its a hardware issue and the power of the next generation of consoles will allow for the features provided in PC strategy games.   Maybe consoles will just leave the strategy games to the PC and never try to bring them to console gaming.  For YCK none this matters and he now has access to the full scope of gaming and can experience the joy from a controller and mouse.  

By Geo Trax

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