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Friday, March 15, 2013

Passing the torch this soon?

By Geo Trax
Who remembers that day when you beat your dad at something for the first time?  Maybe you remember being woken up late at night to hook up the Colecovision steering wheel so the adults could play Turbo.  For  me I had always been ahead of the curve with my parents and video games and figured that I would have at least a decade before I was "too old to play."  Well Yankee Candle Kid proved me wrong the other night.   I'm not a huge Minecraft player. I only really started playing when the 360 version came out but so did YCK.  Don't get me wrong the game is cool and love what YCK and his buddies can build with it.  I've even been brought to tears laughing so hard at the dynamite castles they make and blow up.  But hey I'm a gamer how much could be involved with this game.  I couldn't be more wrong.

I build the tiny house on the right.       He builds a freaking skyscraper. 

   So we are playing the other night and we start building stuff.  I make a house and he is building what looks like a whole freaking city with stairs, working doors, lights etc.  I was trying to build a fireplace when I ask YCK what block can always stay on fire?  He first looks at me like I am crazy for not knowing.  Then he tries to help me gets frustrated with me and finally says, "Dad just hand me the controller, I'll do it for you." I got the chills.  I've been gaming 3.5 times longer then he has been alive and that little snot is telling me to give him the controller.  Well looks like the gaming torch is already being passed to the next generation in this house lets hope his little sister makes it to 4 before telling me how bad of a gamer I am.

Check out the Community Voice and let us know about your passing of the torch.

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LV7 said...

See? This is why I had you show him that total miner game awhile back :)

(our guys build entire cities with their friends, have these elaborate deals they make with each other about who should build what [one's better at building roof's, and somebody else builds storage areas, and another builds weird machines that automatically water/collect crops, etc] )

I'm still better than them at driving/flying games, but they've both considerably passed me with FPS's and such. I'd like to say it's because they simply play them more often - but they just have a basic advantage that I don't really know how to regain for reflexes, object/screen recognition, etc. I typically don't even know that an enemy is on the screen and I've been killed, whereas in the same situation, they've lined up some headshot on a person that I never even saw, or stabbed someone that happened to meander into their field of view for a split second.

They also set their controller sensitivities way high, which for me is too fast to control. I end up aiming too far right, too far left, too far right again, .. and they just have the quickness and agility necessary to move/aim/fire beyond what i'm able to do. So, I set it slower, and just try to leverage some level of situational awareness/strategy to overcome what they're able to just brute-force.