Gaming as a Dad

25 years of gaming now with son and daughter in tow.

Your Kid's No Angel


Your Kid's No Angel #17:  

Don't hate the playa, hate the game.

Your Kid's No Angel #16: 

Last weekend [kcco]Tribetyme5K thought it would be funny to pretend he owned a slave.
 "Nigger Jim go lay down.  I mean it nigger Jim"

As responsible gamers and humans, don't be apathetic to this kind of hate.  Learn more about the growing community of gamers who are trying to make a difference.  Check out the Video Game Voters Network and Fat, Ugly, or Slutty  


Your Kid's No Angel #15: 

Your favorite series is back. 
 MuttedHornet decided he didn't like how I was playing and wanted to express himself using his words, "You're trash! You're a nigga! NIGGA!"

A big shout out to his parents for raising such an outstanding kid.  
To learn more about how to fight online bigotry and defamation, check out Gamer's Against Bigotry


Your Kid's No Angel #14: 

iClutchoVo was unhappy with my play style on MW3 and wasn't afraid to share his opinion, 
"Quit fucking camping you fucking homo cock bag".


Your Kid's No Angel #13: 

Well I spoke too soon and the streak is over, and it's over in a big way. What follows not only is NSFW (not safe for work) it's also NSFL (not safe for life). I didn't get this kid's gamertag but he had the following choice words to share.
  "I like fucking pussy and asshole. Asshole is the best except it packs your dick like a pipe".

Sigh. A big shout out to the parents for not monitoring their kid's internet use.


Your Kid's No Angel #12: 

Parents, I'm sure your kid is very sweet. That is, until you leave the area and he makes the following Call of Duty: Black Ops player emblem. Courtesy of LIQU1F1ED.


Your Kid's No Angel #11: 

"If your wife has rabies say yeah!!!" 
 Thanks kid. Thanks.


Your Kid's No Angel #10: 

My team was playing StealthRifle in CODBO multiplayer the other day and he did what most young kids do when they're getting utterly destroyed in a game; he acted like he wasn't really trying. I'm sure you can imagine his whiney voice when he said,
"Corner camping fucking little bitches. OMG dude. Wow. That's hilarious. That's really funny. Spray like little bitches. Now I'm going to have to try".


Your Kid's No Angel #9: 

BluntInThaMouth was a little upset with my 1337 skills and took it out on my Mom...
"I'm going to cut your Mom's vagina up with razors and pour bleach down her".

Don't worry Mom, I won't let that happen.


Your Kid's No Angel #8: 

Last night Blevy95 wasn't necessarily offensive...just annoying. 
 Her voice was like Alvin from the Chipmunks, 
"Hello, Hello Ameriiiicaaaa. My name is Blevy. I'm really super ugly and I have a pinocchio nose with a wart. HAHAHHAHAHAHAH I'm just kidding".



Your Kid's No Angel #7: 

This week YKNA features a player emblem from Call of Duty: Black Ops. For those of you who don't know, CODBO allows the player to layer several images to create an emblem that appears on screen every time you kill an opponent. The images available to the player are inherently non offensive (letters, numbers, shapes, skulls, birds, etc.), but as you can see some dicks get creative. 


Your Kid's No Angel #6: 

This week Hornedfrog felt the need to share this nugget of truth. 

(speaking away from mic)
  "Yeah mom, ok, I'm going to start studying at 6".

(singing to a made-up melody) :
"You got a big dick. HAY HAY, YEAH YEAH. 
Your dick is big and you're gonna die,


Your Kid's No Angel #5: 

"You're a fag, you're a stupid fag and 

I'm going to find you and beat you up!"

Squeaked the kid's voice. A big shout out to his parents who obviously 
aren't around to teach him basic decency. 


Your Kid's No Angel #4: 

Tricoxagin lives up to his name when he told me during a rousing match of Black Ops, 
"My dick is going to cover your dad...if you know what I mean".
 His parents must be so proud of him.


Your Kid's No Angel #3: 

This week a young man who goes by the gamertag, Hyperactive Jr was quoted as saying, 
"OMG I'm a mushroom and I was like, 
'I won't open that door because mushrooms don't open doors.' HAHAHAAH".


Your Kid's No Angel #2: 

A big thanks goes out to the proud parents of a little boy who told me,
  "Eat my tiny furry cock."
while gaming yesterday.

Your Kid's No Angel #1

Some parent should be very proud of their little boy who asked me,
  "Do you know what a pa-gina is? 
It's a penis vagina and it looks like your face."  
Thank you responsible parents for monitoring your child's use of the Internet.

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