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Sunday, October 7, 2012

The Hardest "RPG" Ever Played

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First upgrade to the new version,
Gaming Chair, check!


 The excitement on the eve of the next Call of Duty doesn't hold a candle to the "RPG" that I will be starting tomorrow.  October 8th around 1 pm my newest family member will be born and so will the start of the next version of the hardest "RPG" I have ever played.  

I'm nearly seven years into the first version and that is a lot of game play for the dollar, well not really when you figure that half of my income goes to maintaining Yankee Candle Kid.   Wouldn't change it for the world and it is the best thing to ever happen to me; but man does it cost a lot to upgrade and introduce new "maps" into this game.  Today alone it was a shoe upgrade for $35, a avatar style change (hair cut) for $12, and $10 DS Game expansion pack and then lunch because this character I picked is always hungry.  
See Dad I can run faster,
Upgrade Win!
  The first version was tough, with never having played the game before, but I don't imagine the next version to be any easier.  I am hoping that the same great qualities from the first "game" are carried over to the newest one but look forward to the qualities that will be unique to this new version.  What I do know for sure is that I will be able to manage my upgrades better.  I have bought the wrong upgrades at times, in the first version, and spent way to little for certain map packs as well.  I also hope that the "game play" is new because as much fun as the first version is I welcome the change and excitement of the newest version.  The hardest part is making sure that I don't get too wrapped up in the newest version that I neglect the original version while keeping in mind that the newest version needs to have the same attention to detail that I gave the first if I hope to "win" at both versions. And you thought dealing with and adjusting to the new version of Resident Evil was hard.

    Of course I say this all in jest.  I can't wait for the next little gamer to come along even if it means that, for a while, I might have less time to play.  Like every new video game release there is uncertainty in what it is going to be like and this baby is no different.  Although my wife had a funny twist on new baby and video games, "Hey you know you prepaid for Bioshock before I was pregnant and I managed to make a baby before they even finished making a video game. What's up with that?"

Gaming as a Dad is just that - 
balancing two things I love family and video games.


Brought to you by Geo Trax

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Dead Space: The New King of Survival Horror

After the masterpiece of Resident Evil 4 (one of my top 5 games of all time) the Resident Evil franchise started heading in the wrong direction. Don’t get me wrong, I really like Resident Evil 5, it was fun and action packed. However, it wasn’t scary. It wasn’t suspenseful. At no time did I feel horrified. RE5 played like a big budget action flick with monsters getting in the way of your guns – and by guns I mean Chris Redfield’s arms. Resident Evil seemed to have evolved past the survival horror genre it was so instrumental in creating.

Enter DeadSpace.

DeadSpace is the new king in the realm of survival horror. The formula is simple; you’re alone, you’re in space, and reanimated mutated corpses are trying to tear you apart in disgustingly brutal ways. Unlike Resident Evil, you don’t play as some hot shot, bad ass, super soldier. Your Isaac Clark, a simple engineer just trying to survive.

The DeadSpace franchise returns the survival horror genre to its roots. It values lulls in the action that heighten the tension to truly terrifying levels only to unleash disturbingly human monstrosities against you and ensures that you don’t have enough ammo to defeat them all. DeadSpace is the first game in decades to really scared the shit out of me and make me put down the sticks (Fatal Frame also holds that honor). I’m excited to see where the franchise goes next with DeadSpace 3.

If you haven’t played Dead Space or Dead Space 2 I can’t recommend them enough. I’m confident this franchise will go down as a classic for a new generation of survival horror fans.